Industrial ice cream equipment


Tecnofreeze s.r.l. is an ice cream equipment manufacturer based in Italy. Tecnofreeze equipment are easy to use, suitable for different tasks and produce the best ice cream with any kind of ingredients. Deep knowledge of ice cream processing, filling technologies, clening and disinfection, power efficiency, reliability are key attributes that made Tecnofreeze equipment well known in the ice cream industry. Equipment evidenced in this site are manufactured in Italy.

Continuous freezers


We manufacture three ranges of continuous ice cream freezers :

- CF range, cover models 200, 300 and 400 liters per hour, with semi automatic control and single piston pump.

- CF/I range, cover models 400, 600 and double cylinder models 800/2 and 1200/2 with semi automatic control and double piston pump with rotary valve and air injection

- CF/E range, cover models 800, 1200, 1500 liters per hour, with semi automatic control, double piston pump with rotary valve, air injection and icecream extraction pump

All models has a built in BITZER, semi hermetic, freon compressor.

Simple, reliable, high performance equipment.


Filling machines

 Tecnofreeze manufacture a wide range of ice cream filling machines :

- DU, semi automatic simle fillers

- DU-BR, semi automatic, brushless drived, PLC controlled filling machines

- TP 4000, automatic filling machines at 1 or 2 lanes, with capactiy up to 4000 units per hour

- TP 2000, automatic filling machines at 1 up to 4 lanes, with capacity up to 8400 units per hour

- TS, linear filling machines at 2 up to 6 lanes, with capacity up to 18 000 units per hour

All ice cream manufacturers can find in our range the right machine.

Extrusion Tunnels

We manufacture three models of extrusion tunnels, with capacity of 4000, 6000, 8000 units per hour.

Our extrusion tunnels are simple and flexible machines, suitable to produce a wide and complete range of products.

The same tunnel can produce sticks, cones, cups, sandwiches, logs, with or without chocolate dipping and ripple.

The lines are complete with BITZER freon compressors and wrapping machines.

Used ice cream equipment

We have all the time stock available a large range of used ice cream equipment.

 Only the best second hand industrial equipments: TETRAPAK HOYER, GRAM and others.

Contact us to receive the updated list of available used equipment.